Which pillow to choose to prevent neck pain?

Which pillow to choose to prevent neck pain?

You turn a page in the newspaper and suddenly you are struck down by a pain in your neck. Neck and shoulder pain is not necessarily the result of intense effort. They can come on suddenly or creep insidiously into your body. Very often, they are innocent neck pain, the cause of which is not always clear. Perhaps you suddenly adopted a bad attitude, were under stress, were lying in a strange position at night, or lifted something too heavy. Did you know that your pillow also plays an important role?

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A pillow should support your neck

If you suffer from neck pain, you can imagine a thousand possible causes. But it hasn't occurred to you that your pillow might be the cause. How long have you been sleeping on your pillow? For more than five years? Or even worse, for more than ten years? After all that time, your pillow has lost many of its supportive qualities. It is also unhygienic to sleep on the same pillow for so long. You lose about half a liter of moisture per night and your pillow is a paradise for dust mites.

If you want to wake up without neck or shoulder pain, you need a good pillow. A pillow that optimally supports your head, upper back and cervical vertebrae. The hollow between your head, neck and shoulders must be perfectly filled so that your spine has a comfortable, healthy and natural posture.

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Which pillow to choose for a comfortable night's sleep?

Il existe différents types d'oreillers sur le marché. L'oreiller qui sera parfait pour vous est en grande partie une question personnelle, mais votre position de sommeil est aussi un facteur important. Par exemple, les personnes dormant sur le ventre ou sur le dos choisissent plus souvent un oreiller plus bas et plus moelleux. Tandis qu'un dormeur latéral préfère un oreiller légèrement plus haut et plus ferme. Et puis il y a les garnitures.

1. Down pillows

A down pillow is filled with natural materials, down and/or feathers. It is particularly pleasant at high and low temperatures. The good thing about a down pillow is that you can shape it to your own taste. This makes it particularly comfortable to lie on. As if you were sleeping on a cloud. You like down, but are you sensitive to neck pain? Then choose a down pillow with compartments. The Sleeplife® Comfort Down Pillow is filled differently at the top, for example, than at the bottom. This keeps the feathers in place. Down pillows with raised edges also support your neck.

2. Synthetic pillows

Pillows with a synthetic filling are suitable for most sleepers. They are economical and their thickness can be adjusted by adding or removing filling. In addition, they are anti-allergic and are easy to wash. Just like down, you can shape them as you wish. To ensure a healthy neck posture, it is best to pay attention to the quality of the filling. That is why the Comforel Sleeplife® pillow is filled with high-quality Comforel® balls. They have an extraordinary resistance, which guarantees good support.

3. Oreillers and viscose

Visco-elastic pillows or memory pillows hug the head and neck and have a pressure-reducing effect. These pillows have a fixed shape and are also recommended for chronic neck pain or injuries such as whiplash. The material forces you to stay in a certain position, which helps the recovery of the cervical vertebrae.

4. Oreillers and latex

A latex pillow provides active and constant support for the head, upper back and cervical vertebrae and keeps them naturally in balance. It is resistant, non-deformable and always light. In addition, latex is very flexible, which makes it possible to support your neck in any position.

Ergonomic or orthopedic pillows: do they really work?

And then there are the neck support pillows. These orthopedic pillows are particularly ergonomic. Their specific shape gives extra support to your upper back and cervical vertebrae, so that your head can relax as much as possible at night. Some of them - such as the ErgoPlus® Sleeplife® pillow - have a removable neckband and are zoned to properly support your head and neck in any sleeping position. Do neck pillows really work? Studies have shown that they do. Ergonomic pillows significantly reduce pain and improve sleeping comfort.

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Also take a moment to think about your mattress and box spring.

Did you find the right pillow? This does not guarantee that you will wake up with no neck pain. It's a good start, but it doesn't necessarily guarantee a good night's sleep. Only when your pillow, mattress and box spring work well together will you get the most out of your sleep. Think of your pillow, mattress and box spring as one sleeping system. Together, they must provide perfect support for your entire body. Oh yes, and don't forget protection. Not only does this extend the life of your pillow, it also improves your sleeping comfort.

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The search for a comfortable pillow is not always easy. Let us advise you and try different pillows in store; that's our message. Are you looking for the ideal pillow for neck pain? Drop by at your nearest Sleeplife store. Together we will look for the optimal product for your body.